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BioHumusSol - the "wonder" product for plant growth

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We know that humus is the most important component of soil and nature as it needs a period of 300 years to create one centimeter of fertile soil.

BioHumusSol is a pure natural organic fertilizer produced using earthworms. It has a mineral substrate - organic, not having in its composition any preservatives.

Earthworms turn every organic matter in the richest organic fertilizer, known to man as the earthworm humus.

Humus helps the plant to increase its resistance to diseases, with fungicides and bactericides qualities. Also, the humus limits nitrates and nitrogens to get into the soil.

At the occurrence of pests, all areas of the plant is already occupied, they have no suitable locations for installation and development.

In 2004, based on many years of observations, it was discovered that enzymes known as humus contains various forms of chitinase, to which insects have a great aversion.

Organisms that produce chitin enzymes present in humus consist of four bacteria, four fungi and five actinomycetes.

This humus contains triggers that activate proliferation chitinase-producing organisms, so in plants appear bacteria that produce chtinase enzymes that were already in a latent state.

Humus is used as organic fertilizer at planting and basic nutrition of all species of crops, forestry, floriculture revitalize and re-cultivation of land.

Humus can be placed on open land from early spring until late autumn. He is a long acting organic fertilizer - humus effectiveness is kept for 4 - 5 years

Our products are 100% ecologically certified!