Solid BioHumusSol

Solid BioHumusSol

SOLID BIOHUMUSSOL is a natural fertilizer, from a new generation and ecologically pure, produced using earthworms. It is a concentrated fertilizer, based on minerals, with no preservatives.

It is used for all types of flowers, grass, vegetables and fruit trees. Biohumussol considerably improves soil structure, lowering its density, increasing its oxygen level and nitrogen absorption from the atmosphere, thereby helping plants to grow strong and healthy.

Plants treated with Biohumussol have well developed immune systems, making them resistant to disease and sudden climatic changes.

Biohumussol does not contain and does not provide adequate living conditions for E.Coli, Salmonella or other pests. The Vermicompost (Biohumus) is the only fertilizer, accepted by the EU as amendment for biological agriculture. For according, see :

Annex 1, Article 3, paragraph 1 (page 74) of Regulation (EC). 889/2008 of 5 September 2008 laying down detailed rules for implementing Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007 on organic production and labeling of organic products with regard to organic production, labeling and control. Click here for rules

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ONE cubic meter of humus replaces 16 cubic meters of manure.

These nutrients packed in a water soluble membrane are released gradually in accordance with plant needs, and they are easily consumed. The earthworm humus is the best fertilizer because it contains high concentrations of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms, many biologically active plant stimulants, vitamins, amino acids and antibiotics, fulvic acid and Huminic, added his frame during the digestive process. They are 100 times more present than in manure and chemical fertilizers do not contain them at all. Earthworm humus completely replaces any chemical or organic fertilizer required by your farm.

Humus keeps the parasites away :

In 2008, after studies conducted over several years, laboratories in several countries have concluded that the earthworm humus is excellent in preventing the next pests: Alternaria spp. (Blight), Botrytis spp. (Gray mold), Fusarium spp. (Fusarium), Peronospora spp, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Pythium spp. (root rot), Pseudomonas syringae (burning bacterial peas), Rhizoctonia solani (rizoctonioza), Septoria spp. (septoria) Thielaviopsis basicola (black rot tobacco), Venturia inaequalis (apple scab).

The humus eficacity :

  • The humus quickly restores the natural soil fertility, improves the structure and health.
  • The humus has no inert action: plants and seeds immediately react to it.
  • The humus shortens the sprouting seeds, accelerates growth and flowering of plants, reduces the period of ripening of the fruit two to three weeks;
  • The humus provides good immunity to plants, increasing their resistance to stressful situations, inclement weather, mold and bacterial pathologies;
  • The humus provides: a smooth accession to the ground (pins) of seedlings and sprouts, the optimal development of the flowers, a flowering period of intense and lengthy. with many plants show a leaf enlarge 1.5-2 times compared with the control increases the intensity of leaves and flowers, buds actively develop side, faster start flowering stage.
  • The Humus significantly enhances and improves the palatability of fruit grown products;
  • The humus neutralizes heavy metals and radionuclides in soil and does not allow the plant to accumulate nitrates;

Our products are 100% ecologically certified!