Liquid BioHumusSol

Liquid BioHumusSol


LIQUID BIOHUMUSSOL is an active humic fertilizer, purely organic, which stimulates plant growth and health.

It contains salts of humic acids, humic acids, fulvo acids, amino acids, micro and macro elements, live bacteria and other substances easily absorbed. The content of heavy metals is much lower than the established rules.

All of the nutrients available in the extract are absorbed into the plant cell, leading to the activation of physiological and biochemical processes, allowing the maximum uptake of the nutrients that are beneficial to plants.

Plants treated with LIQUID BIOHUMUSSOL have a stronger immune system that makes them more resistant to sudden changes of temperature and diseases. Other benefits of using this fertilizer are as follows: rapid germination, better and stronger root system, better moisture retention in plants, accelerated growth, and resistance to pests and fungi bacteria. Liquid BIOHUMUSSOL fertilizer prevents the growth of pathogenic micro-flora, reduces the nitrates content in fruits and vegetables, blocks absorption of heavy metals by plants, increases the content of fructose, proteins and vitamins. It stimulates flowering, fertility, enriches the taste and strength of products.

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The advantages of the earthworm humus extract "Liquid BHS" :

  • It can be applied on the foliar and root system via every method of spraying or irrigation, increasing the growth of leaves and roots.
  • It suppresses harmful fungi in the soil. In addition, the microorganisms from the extract produce hormones, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and minerals needed even by the youngest plants.
  • Fixes soils affected by long-term use of chemicals. By repeated application, it will repopulate the soil completely destroyed chemical plant over the years with beneficial microorganisms. It improves soil structure, lowering its density and increasing its oxygen level
  • Increases water retention in the soil, reducing the amount of water used for irrigation by 30 percent.
  • When liquid BHS is applied after harvest, the crop transformation ratio in humus is about 30 times higher than with any other chemical or organic product.
  • It is non-toxic, it does not burn the plants, has no restrictions of use, can be used in any culture, in the greenhouse or in the field and is compatible with any chemical product.
  • It does not offer living conditions for E. coli, Salmonella or other pests.
  • The earthworm humus from which the extract is made retains the physicochemical characteristics and properties for years.

Liquid biohumus is perfectly compatible with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides which allows their simultaneous application without negative effects on the technological process. The fertilizer helps reduction of the toxic impact of residual amounts of herbicides, prevents the plants to absorb heavy metals combining them in mobile and hard compounds insoluble and significant decrease of nitrate content. Liquid BIOHUMUSSOL is compatible with other chemicals for plant protection, except copper sulphate solution and bordoleze. After preparing the solution, use immediately.

The mixture between Liquid BIOHUMUSSOL and copper sulphate or bordoleze solution is forbidden!

Our products are 100% ecologically certified!