Pellets BioHumusSol
( Vermicompost )

Biohumussol is a 100% natural vermicompost, produced using earth worms. The result of composting manure with Californian red earth worms is purely ecological. The product acts as a concentrated fertilizer, UNIQUE organic mineral, with no preservatives in its composition. It can be used for all kinds of flowers, lawn, fruit bearing trees and bushes, vines, in intensive agriculture and field decontamination.

Biohumussol significantly improves soil structure, decreasing its density, growing its aeration and the absorption of nitrogen from the atmosphere, thus helping plants grow strong and healthy. Biohumussol treated plants have a developed immune system, which makes them resistant to sudden climate changes and sickening.

Biohumussol is a vermicompost in itself, produced with earth worms, a mineral organic substrate, purely ecological, with no preservatives in its composition. The earth worms transform all organic substances in the richest organic fertilizer known to man, the earth worm humus. Earth worm humus has most of the 16 elements that plants need.


The Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium content as well as of other beneficial elements are much greater than those of any soil. Through its properties and chemical composition, humus is an essential soil component, that confers it special properties, as well as a certain level of fertility. Humus and the soil’s organic matter are the soil’s reserve of nutrients, that determines its very fertility.

Earth worm humus is the best fertilizer due to its contents of highly beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms, a lot of plant activating biological stimuli, vitamins, amino acids, fulvic and humic acid, added during the digestive process of the worm. Earth worm humus completely replaces any chemical or organic fertilizer and contains 100 times more nutrients and microorganisms beneficial to plants.

In 2008, after studies over a number of years, labs from multiple countries have reached the conclusion that earth worm humus is excellent for the prevention of the following pests: Alternaria spp. (alternaria infection), Botrytis spp. (grey mold), Fusarium spp. (fusarium infection), Peronospora spp. (mildew), Phytophthora cinnamomi, Pythium spp. (root rotting), Pseudomonas syringae (pea fire blight), Rhizoctonia solani (rhizoctonia infection), Septoria spp. (septoria infection), Thielaviopsis basicola (tobacco black rot), Venturia inequalis (apple scab).

BIOHUMUSSOL SOLID (VERMICOMPOST) is an AUTHORIZED fertilizer in accordance with EEC REGULATIONS N.2092/91 and maintained according to art. 16, paragraph (3), lit. © of EC REGULATIONS n.834/2007 addendum 1.

The benefits of BHS Pellets / Vermicompost:

  • Worm humus increases numeric and dimensional growth of leaves and roots, with its advantages thereof.
  • Biohumussol suppresses the harmful fungi of the soil.
  • Microorganisms produce hormones, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and minerals necessary even to young plants.
  • Biohumussol restores soils affected by the long use of chemical substances. With repeated applications, the soil will completely repopulate with the microorganisms beneficial to the plants destroyed by chemical substances over the years.
  • Biohumussol increases water retention in the soil, decreasing the amount of water for irrigation by 30%.
  • It is not toxic, it does not burn plants, it has no usage restrictions, it can be used on any culture, in greenhouses or on the fields, with immediate extraordinary visible results!!!
  • It increases outputs by up to 80%, for certain types of vegetable cultures.
  • Biohumussol does not contain or offer survival conditions for e-coli, salmonella or other pests.
  • Biohumusul (vermicompost) is the only product accepted in the EU as amendment in ecologic agriculture.

Our products are 100% ecological certified!